Koraput is a place of cultural happenings. At Desia we like to capture and celebrate such events or festivals like the locals. This is probably the best way to understand a culture and it’s rituals. Most of the events at the Koraput valley is connected with Nature and Season. In other words, there is always an event or festival at the beginning of a season or arrival of the New Crops.

Similarly there are many events connected to the day yo day life such as when a new baby is born, or some girl gets her first menstruatation, or even the sacrifice to pay homage to the ancestor etc… Each event is based on one theory – “celebration with the community. “Desia is invited by all the neighbouring villages as a part of the community to participate in such social events. Is not it an interesting way to meet the tribes or other community and to know more about their aged old culture.

Desia also has its own contribution to make the destination more eventful. We undertake various events such as “Art a Work Shop for the Children “who never painted with proper brush, “jewellery making training workshop “for the women, “music and theatre “among the locals etc. The main objective of these organised events are to promote the Tribal culture among the youths and also to create awareness about protection of local culture and environment.

You are welcome to participate in the events at Desia and learn from each other’s experience.

For incoming events or festivals, please contact us by mail info@desiakoraput.com.