Often question comes, how fair it is to visit Tribes? Even some media termed such tours as Human Safari. All have their reasons & concerns based on the effect of negative impact of tourism as seen in many part of the world. On the other hand, World is changing & tribals are not out of this process. The communications, govt developmental programmes, the mobile phone, television etc is now found their way to remote corners too. At the same time it is obvious that the tribes also like to have all these access which has caused a tremendous impact on their culture.

At this junction of time, Desia is born at the Koraput Valley which is the home land of most ethnic tribal groups in Eastern India. The objective is to highlight the rich cultural Heritage of the region among the travelers who believe in Responsible Travel and at the same time to inspire the locals (youths) to preserve their culture and environment.

Probably, the principle of genuine Eco Tourism and Responsible Travel is the best solution to make a Win-Win for all and the partner, promoter of Desia has previous visible trac record on this at other related initiatives.

Desia is the need of the hour. and you need to be here to experience. The ideas behind this first of its kind initiative in the Tribal Regions of Odisha.