Desia, in association with Heritage Tours offers specialized tours to explore the Koraput valley and it’s rich cultural heritage, spectacular landscape, vibrant weekly markets, amazing villages, the fair and festivals, the crafts etc in an AUTHENTIC manner without intruding and with respect for the local tribal and other community. Being local as an advantage, you will get best of the opportunity to meet the locals and their livings. The trust which Desia has created by providing sustainable support to the local community makes you feel more than Welcome to the villages and they see you as a SUPPORTER of the project than just a Tourist.

We prepare itinerary based on your interest, time availability with you and try to give more opportunity to be with people or nature than in the car or running from one market to other. A 3-7 days tour to the region is a must and please see below the suggested itinerary which can be changed or revised as per your requirement. Lastly, your visit makes a difference to the community and helps us the achieve the Goal of Desia to empower the local community and to preserve their culture. We a organise the permit as it is required for foreign tourists to visit PVTG area.




If you love hiking, there is no better place than Koraput valley. The stunning landscape, dotted with tribal villages, waterfalls, nice trails makes the place a paradise for hikers.

We provide short walks, half day walks, all day walks with local tour guide to make your access to the villages comfortable. The location of Desia tempts the non hikers even to take a hike to enjoy the beauty of the region.



Excursions can be organised to visit near by places of interest like Gupteswar, Duduma waterfall, Deomali, Araku valley, Bora caves and to Bastar region.

Most interesting Onkadeli weekly market for Bonda tribes or largest tribal weekly market at Kundli are near Desia which can be coverd with few hour drive or walk. One can make excursion to various weekly markets by making Desia a base.



Koraput valley is full of events as the tribes celebrate with each occasions based on events of life or their agriculture. Life is a celebration here and nature has lot to do with this celebration.

Apart form local natural events, We organise various events such as art camp for the local kids, sports for the schools, craft workshops, food festivals etc to make this place a happening destination where the guests can participate and celebrate.



Desia Music has its own identity. This unique folk music makes the entire region united and the dance DHEMSA symbolises the community living. Like all other part in the world, the music and dance in the integral part of the tribal culture.

DESIA Eco Tourism society promotes local music and tradition festivals by encouraging the youths to keep this culture alive. You will tune with the bits of the drum or flute by the bonfire when you are here.



We promote local cuisine and also provide opportunity for our guest to learn the cooking of local cuisine by procuring ingredients from the local weekly markets or haats.

This lessons on cooking are a nice way to interact with locals too.



We have four acres of organic farming land where we grow vegetables under the guidance of Mali tribes who are known for their Indigenous farming skill.

This is an excellent pass time for guests or volunteers to extend an helping hand on the farming activities.

Active Sports


We provide excellent opportunity for our guests who want their holiday to be active with sports. Desia is an ideal place for CYCLING, ROCK CLIMBING, ARCHERY etc and we are open to learn on this field too.



Desia welcomes volunteers with skill to achieve the goal of the project. Volunteers willing to help in farm, capacity building, artists, craft expert, doctors, teachers are always welcome subject to prior notice and availability of accommodation.

Please contact us with your thoughts…

Craft Training


This is an unique initiative by Desia Eco Tourism society and Barefoot to provide training the local youths in field of craft which can earn them a livelihood too. We have hired specialist and master craftsman to establish this activity center and keep this dying art alive.

To start with, we have identified four crafts such as Basket weaving, Pottery, Textile and Dhokra work at the site where one can see the live demonstration and also get an opportunity to learn this unique local crafts.